American DAD x Family GUY Crossover Spectacular – Chapter 2

American DAD x Family GUY Crossover Spectacular – Chapter 2

The American dad Family guy crossover

Thanks for the reviews, lol only two but hey, american dad dosent have a very large following, which saddens me cuz its oh so awesome!!!

Did anyone see episode 6 of the latest season? “Pulling double booty” (Spoiler alert=Jeff breaks it off with Hayley for good, thats all il say, yes not hayley JEFF breaks up with her OMG)


The griffins come to Langley

“Dun dun dun”

Where we left off: Francine and Roger (Gotta love em) have decided to dress Roger as a washed out famous singer of some sort in order to keep in cognito infront of the griffins so nooone suspects he is an ailien, but will this all be neccassary?

The day is fresh like the neatly cut grass outside on the Smiths front lawn. The sky is also a brighter than bright blue over the wonderful Langely Falls and Stan as an extra special feeling its going to be a “Wonderful day”
It is however about to be turned upside down, oh poor Staniel!!!

It has been a couple of days since the last scenario in chapter one and The griffins are at the door, waiting for the man of the house Stan to answer.

“Ill get it” “Ill get it” The over excited family man yells as he races to the door in his weekend suit.

Francine was in the kitchen preparing a welcome lunch for the new family.

“ah I wish you would wash me like u wash zat lettuce my dear house frau” Klaus pines from inside his bowl.

The blonde just blushes and lets out a sigh before calling Roger to come downstairs. Naturally he cant wait to show off his costume.

“Ah as usual ze Klaus is ignored by his secret lover” “She will be mine i tell you now ahahaha” (everyone just ignores the rants of the german fish)

Hayley and Steve, both stand beside Stan and await the door to open. It is nearly noon so both teens have dragged themselves out of bed.
(Well hayley had, Steve was awake doing something creepy, trying to get “boob” before 7am)

“I dont see why we need to pretend that Roger’s a washout singer or whatever” Hayley sighs.

“Yeah” Steve adds. “I mean the family have a talking dog who drinks and a baby with a voice of a thirty year old dude”

“you two be Quiet” Stan orders, about to open the door.

“Hey it means I get to look fabbu you two little party poopers so let me have my fun” Roger struts down the stairs in his latest abomination.

The wig is bright green and curly, he has a diamond choker around his scrawny neck, dark red lipstick and faker than fake lashes and boobs practically falling out of a purple velvet singers dress.

“Im the washed out shirley bassey of the facebook generation” “what do you think?”

Hayley smirks, “Green hair?” “does the carpet match the curtains?” she folds her arms smartly.

“Oh puh lease hayles that was so 2005 when I said it” “so dont copy my best lines when u dont know how to use them properly”

“Yeah besides roger dosent have any genetalia” Francine added.

“Oh thanks Francine” Roger sarcastically smiles. “Lets tell the new family too”

“Everyone be quiet, i am about to open the door”

Francine and Roger stand beside stan and the kids, Francine with fishbowl in hand….

Francine and Stan are wide eyed and stunned silent when they see the family infront of them

(Please tell me you have seen family guy, so i dont need to go into detail about each character and what they were wearing)

Peter, overweight, wears a white shirt and green pants, Lois redhead with green shirt and ugly oatmeal kinda color pants

Chris and Meg, Chris is overweight with a black and gold cap and blue Tshirt, black pants follow. Meg wears a pink hat, has shortish brown hair and wears a pink tee with blue jean things

then offcourse theres the all white brian with shinny black nose and red collar is it? Then stewie, a football headed cutie in red overalls with yellow skivvy CUTE but RUTHLESS

“Welcome to our home” Stan announced…..

Just the peter spoke “Wow I mean the flight over here” Lois giggles and cuddles up to her husband by the door.

“We joined the mile high club..twice” The couple laughed and strutted in while Brian took the luggage in.

stan stood there shocked and appaulled, Francine was confused, Hayley looked impressed and smiled a little, Steve asked “Whats the mile high club?”

To which stewie replied “Seriously how old is this boy?” “I mean really”

Chris looked at hayley and was mesmerised. “Would you like to see me pee?” He nervously asked.

“ACK” Hayley spat and went out, “Il be back later Mom, this is too weird”

Roger was the most pissed.

“Oh I see, those two have sex on a plane and everyones all “OH NO” “Meanwhile im here in my Shirley costume and noone even bats a freakin eyelid” Roger races into the kitchen.

“I want my peacan sandies, and Tequila, lots of tequila” he wails, Francine chases after the little ailien in drag.

Peter and Lois follow Stan into the kitchen while chris and Meg are shown into their rooms by Steve.

“My name is steve” “Local student body president for five seconds and womanizer extrodonaire”

Chris ignores him and places his bags on the floor. “theres no monkey in your closet is there?”

“No monkeys my friend” Steve says all suave.

Meg giggles. This makes Steve blush.

“So pretty lady you will be sharing a room with my liberal stoner sister Hayley”

Meg looked stunned.

“Did you just call me pretty?” “when you have a sister who looks like that?”

Chris adds, “Yeah even dad said she had a great rack” “and i think she is gorgeous”

“PFFT” “whats a medium sized pair of boobs and some liberal ideas?” “When someone as beautiful as you my dear Meg is right here in my presence”

“ah im gonna play with the grey thing dressed as shiirely bassey” Chris leaves.

Steves eyes widen.

“Oh yeah we all know hes an alien, it was pretty obvious” Meg shrugs.

An awakward silence fills the room.

“So how old are you?” Meg asks looking at the carpet.

“Old enough baby”

Meg smiles. “Well im 17 and i havent met a guy who has told me that im prettier than another girl EVER”
(excluding the meg makeover episode)

“Well I think you are smokin hot” “you remind me of a girl named “Debbie” “Ahhhh Debbie” he drifts off into a debbie moment.

“Ah well is that good?” Meg asks.

“Oh yes” “Very” Steve replies and walks up to her.

Meg hasnt had a date in a long time, and after the brian incident, her neighbour Joes son never calling back and that boyfriend Doug being repusled by seeing her naked, she figured that she may aswell give this one a shot. He may be younger than her, even if he dosent admit it, but he liked her REALLY liked her and made her feel pretty….

Five minutes later:

Meg and Steve are making out on Steves bed, hands all over eachother….

In chapter three

Lois and Stan have a discussion over lunch while Francine and Peter try to join in but dont really know what theyre talking about.
Peter also mentions something so awful, Stan does not know if he will be able to forgive him
Its up to lois to calm them all down, leaving peter and francine to talk…HA HA about what???

Oh and Hayley and Brian get stoned with klaus and Stewie
And Meg and Steve are having a secret affair, that they dont want the family to know about…..
Roger has a good chat with a stoned stewie and a few drinks later things happen…hmmmm what kind of things

And later The families crossover in the biggest shock of the fic itself!!!

Dont try to guess what it is LOL

Stan will go crazy, this is a fact so keep reading and bare with me, the next chappie will be longer I promise

Keep reading il update real soon k?


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